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Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Denis Chatterton, aka: Dj PPLMove made his move to Ottawa, Ontario Canada where his intrigue for Music really began.

Dj'ing his High School dances beginning in 1997 was the start of the Dj Career.  From there he moved onto completing the Radio Broadcasting Program at Algonquin College.

While working in the radio field as a producer on CFRA and an Operator on Kool FM, he continued his journey on the DJ side of things running a weekly club show called PPLMove Mondays.  A way for those who wanted to continue to party after the weekend was over.

Fast forward a number of years and here we are 20+ years into his DJ career, now playing bi-weekly at Taproom 260 in Ottawa's east end, Bier Markt in downtown Ottawa and running this podcast.

This Podcast can be found on Spotify, ITunes and Google Play.  As well as showcased regularily on the Country Rock Zone on

Also, check out his productions on most major platforms :: Cartoon Jurassic

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